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13 things to pay attention to when designing precision metal stamping dies.


Good mold design can improve mold life, durability, production efficiency, reduce production costs and ensure product quality. So what should we pay attention to when designing the mold? The following editor will introduce 13 things that must be paid attention to when designing precision metal stamping dies.

1. Before designing the material belt, be sure to understand the tolerance requirements of the parts, material properties, punch tonnage, punch table, SPM (punch times per minute), feeding direction, feeding height, mold thickness requirements, material utilization, and mold service life .

2. When designing the material belt, CAE analysis should be carried out at the same time, mainly considering the thinning rate of the material, and more communication with customers.

3. The design of the material strip is an analysis of the molding process of the product, which basically determines whether the mold is successful or not.

4. In mold design, mold material selection and heat treatment and surface treatment, especially metal drawing parts.

5. When trying the mold for the first time, the upper mold must be slowly closed. When there is a stretching process, the thickness of the material level must be tested with a fuse. After the material level gap reaches the material thickness, the mold must be tested first. Right. For drawbeads, please use movable inserts to adjust the height of the drawbeads.

6. When trying out the mold, the reference hole and reference surface must be matched with the mold before placing the product on the inspection tool for measurement, or sending it to CMM for 3D report.

7. The red pill must be well matched, otherwise the product will be unstable, and it will not be possible to make a judgment on the modification of the mold in the later stage, and the size of the parts will not meet the customer's requirements.

8. For parts with more bending, the bending should be adjusted step by step according to the process when adjusting the mold.

9. When adjusting the forming angle, the R angle during bending can be reduced or the folding line reference can be moved to achieve the purpose of forming the forming angle.

10. When adjusting the mold, most of them use gaskets to adjust the height of the forming male, or move the forming male parts left and right, back and forth, and the gaskets generally use stainless steel hard sheets.

11. For the trimming line affected by molding, it is necessary to choose to cut it after molding, and the special position can be realized by cross-cutting.

12. For multiple reference hole positions, the method of punching and forming is adopted at one time to avoid affecting the accuracy after step-by-step punching.

13. For product breakage, it can be carried out in a variety of ways, such as adding wrapping, extruding material, increasing the forming area of the sheet rod, and opening holes in the early stretch. CAE analysis should be carried out before the mold is changed.

The above is a summary of some experience in actual stamping work, I hope it will be helpful to those who read this article.

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