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18650 battery shell mould board matters needing attention

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
18650 battery shell mold in stamping process, if the improper operation, do serious damage to the mold, and the operating personnel security will be hurt, so the mold need the machine, be sure to keep in mind the following operation, to ensure the safety of the mold and the operating personnel. 18650 battery shell mould board notice: 1. Before pulling mould, check to ensure that the mold inlet of material plate is loose. 2. Mold does not move when one person to pull, backward. ( Avoid by all means backward at the same time, two people will launch punch mould platform) Can be used to carry die mold base under the screw to rotate the screw hole, his hands at the same time pull up a little after. 3. Die pull out of the punch die car cannot be turned too sharply and prevent the guide plate or material plate punching machine or punch in the enclosures, cause mould parts damaged or mould slide. 4. Abnormal lower die not again when the inching operation, especially in check after the tall secretory pad plastic mould. 5. Die after lower die to punch the host and other power shut down, avoid the waste of resources. 6. 18650 battery shell moulds normal downtime should be inching operation to guide the needle into strip round hole.
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