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2032 button batteries shrapnel wrinkle the cause and the control

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
2032 button batteries shrapnel in the production of stamping wrinkling will cause the scrap parts, not only raised manufacturing cost, and caused the waste of raw materials, need analysis, and control. The wrinkle formation is: 1, the blank-holder force is insufficient, inappropriate pressure surface gap 'in loose outside close' problems. 2, lubricating oil too much or besmear brushs number too frequency, or inappropriate position of coating. 3, try to rush too soft, the blank material strength is low, the blank size is too small, cannot be hid. 4, blank positioning is not stable, can not lead to partial pressure, pressure is expected to face shape is undeserved, cause uneven material. Wrinkling control measures: 1 2032 button batteries shrapnel wrinkling, to view the status, when wrinkles around parts evenly produced should be judged as the force that press a material shortage, increase the force that press a material can be gradually eliminated. When drawing taper and hemisphere, drawbead increases should be adopted to increase plate tensile stress inside diameter, to eliminate wrinkles. 'exterior in principle, is used to eliminate' loose outside close in the problem. 2, for lubricating oil, shall, in accordance with requirements of the system of operational procedures for oil brush work, to ensure that the correct brush brush oil and oil position, avoid wrinkling. 3, in does not affect the vehicle requirements change the blank parts material is too soft, guarantee the quality of the parts, to avoid wrinkling. 4, improve position, if necessary, add bending process, ensure the stamping parts is not running deviation problem. Modify the pressure surface shape, to ensure the quality of parts, avoid pressure of material surface shape, leading to uneven material.
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