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5 ways to improve the surface roughness of stamping parts.


Surface roughness is also called smoothness. The surface finish of stamping parts is relatively high, especially for precision stamping parts. It is not only beautiful, but also reflects the quality of the product and increases the service life of stamping parts. So in stamping processing, what methods can improve the surface roughness of stamping parts? Let's take a look together.

1. Selection of raw materials: In stamping processing, many different raw materials are used. According to the density of raw materials, the selection of cutting tools and machine tools in the processing process will be directly related to the surface roughness.

2. The amount of cutting processing: In terms of cutting feed, the amount of surface processing can be appropriately reduced.

3. Choose a reasonable processing technology: In the production and processing of stamping parts, the processing process is also very important. Unreasonable process may affect the processing quality and production efficiency. Many precision machined parts need to be finished after rough machining to complete the smoothness requirements.

4. Select the geometric parameters of the tool: from the geometric parameters of the machining tool, the secondary deflection angle can be appropriately reduced and the radius of the tool nose arc can be appropriately reduced. If necessary, a wiper edge can be ground, which is easier to cut and reduces the surface roughness.

5. Control the vibration of the machine tool: reduce the friction and extrusion between the tool and the workpiece, sharpen the tool, add cutting fluid, and perform appropriate heat treatment on some tough workpiece materials.

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