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A brief introduction to the process problems of stamping parts processing

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
The stamping parts are mainly made of metal or non-metal sheet materials by means of the pressure of a press machine. The stamping parts have a good surface quality and appearance because the surface of the material is not damaged during the stamping process. Smooth and beautiful, it is widely used in various industries and applied to stamping products; the production process of stamping parts generally starts from the cutting of raw materials, and goes through various stamping procedures and other auxiliary procedures (such as annealing, pickling, surface treatment, etc.) ) Processed into parts required by customers. For stamping products that require high precision, it also needs to be cut, welded or riveted to complete the process. Before the stamping parts are processed, the stamping process, mold design, etc., according to the existing production conditions, comprehensively consider all aspects of the production process, and reasonably arrange the parts production process, the preferred choice. Make the stamping parts achieve high-quality, high-yield, low-consumption and safety in the whole production process. The design of the stamping process should start with the analysis of the product part drawing. The analysis of the part drawing includes both technical and economic aspects; due to the high cost of molds, the size of the production batch plays a decisive role in the economics of stamping processing. The lower the cost of a single piece of processing, and the smaller the batch size, the superiority of stamping processing is not obvious; in terms of technology, the main analysis is whether the shape, size, precision requirements and material properties of the stamping parts meet the requirements of the stamping process. Good manufacturability should ensure the characteristics of low material consumption, simple mold structure, stable product quality, and simple operation; in general, the largest impact on the manufacturability of stamping parts is the mechanical size and accuracy requirements of the stamping parts. If the part manufacturability is found No, it is necessary to propose rectification and modification to the design department in advance; article recommendation: How to detect the hardness of metal stamping parts
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