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A bright prospect in precision mold processing industry

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Demand more and more traditional low precision mould will exit the market gradually. Mould industry is increasingly developed market environment, many mould processing manufacturers said industry more and more high to the requirement of mould precision and quality, for office mould, auto mould, home appliance mold, mold the four buggies field performance is more obvious. As a result, a vast prospect in precision mold processing industry, precision mold market even appeared in short supply situation. However, China's mold industry production including the proportion is highly uneven, this is very detrimental to our country the development of the mould industry. Need to speed up structural adjustment, develop high-end market, synchronization with the international market. Although over the past few years, China's mold industry structure and the system has a great change, main show is: high-grade mold, large-scale, precision, complex, long service life. But due to the large demand for cheap mould in China, and the high-grade mold is the mixed rate less than 60%. It is not hard to see, is not reasonable. Gree daikin precision mold in the field of high-end moulds' dominant 'traditional low-end mould processing factory in front have the following questions: one, die steel and other factors; Second, standardization level to ascend; Three, high-end mold talent in urgent need of cultivation; Fourth, accelerate the pace of structural adjustment of mold; Five, increasing investment to strengthen innovation ability; Six, promote the joint between mold enterprise restructuring; Seven, overseas market development needs to be deepened. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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