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A common fault analysis of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2020-05-24
The manufacture of metal stamping parts are of good quality and lay a good foundation for the entire product and performance, so here are summed up in the production of metal stamping products common problems and countermeasures in the process, hoping to stamping factory improve the quality of peers to provide some useful reference. A metal stamping parts, why there will be a reverse deformation of the material? In progressive die, stamping parts of the shape is formed by stamping the residual material around. The influence of the cutting force is the main cause of overturned and reverse blanking pieces. In blanking, the blanking clearance, material is drawn to the side of the mold ( Material up warping) , the compression to the side of the mold. When using the stripper plate, stripper plate used to compress the material, in order to prevent the mold side material up warping. At this point, materials stress state is changed accordingly. With the increase of unloading slabs material pressure, the punch side material by tensile ( Compression force decreases) , and the punch surface material under compression ( Tensile strength decreases) 。 Stamping flip is caused by mold surface material stretching. Therefore, blanking, pressure and pressure material is the key to prevent the flip and reverse blanking parts. Stamping bending deformation and material to flip the cause and the countermeasure. 1, the blanking parts cutting burrs. Need to study a cutting edge, pay attention to check whether the blanking clearance is reasonable. 2, in the process of blanking, flanging deformation occurs, blanking pieces after bending forming harmful, should be resolved in the blanking station. 3, in the process of the bending stamping is not stable. Is mainly used in the u-shaped bending and V. Is the key to solve the problem in front of the bend guide the stamping parts, guiding parts in the process of bending, the bending process of extrusion materials, to prevent slide when stamping in bending. Second, why the surface of the metal stamping parts quality is bad? Stamping the surface of the product quality problem there are many reasons, coil, sheet metal, mold surface quality will affect the quality of stamping parts in the end, such as stamping operation in the process of clamping and the discharge of workstations are also likely to damage the surface quality of the parts, therefore, in the whole manufacturing process each link should fully understand the details, try to avoid appear quality problem, affect the appearance of the final product. 1, the coil material as follows: (common adverse phenomenon 1) There's a foreign body in steel plate surface or internal mixing; ( 2) Foreign bodies fall off, roll material scar; Bad coil ( 3) Coil material marginal damage; ( 4) Edges ( 20~30mm) Due to the uneven stress deformation or wrinkles; ( 5) Nick ( Caused by roller surface or foreign body) ; ( 6) Roller slide causes; ( 7) Irregular edge damage; ( 8) After entering foreign body, out of the coil on the back of the drum medium voltage ( If foreign body falls off, foreign body disappear) ; ( 9) Roll mark ( Is caused by adhesion on the roll of foreign body) ; ( 10) Beyond the prescribed adverse materials; ( 11) Erosion depth surface wrinkles. According to the practical experience, 5, 8 and 9 is the most common adverse performance parts or reason. Relevant search: stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts, sheet metal stamping related links: http://www. wuxilongshun。 com/
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