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A common problem of metal stamping tensile) production

by:Fortuna     2021-02-08
1. Inconsistent size and shape metal stamping tensile metal stamping tensile) shape and size is not the main reason is that plays and positioning are not allowed to be caused by, in addition to taking steps to reduce springback, should also improve the reliability of the blank positioning. 2. On the surface of the metal stamping tensile strain on the surface of the metal stamping tensile strain is due to improper material, low hardness, low roughness and heat treatment, die corner wear, bending blank poor surface quality is poor, the thickness of the material, process scheme selection is not reasonable, the lack of lubrication, etc. 3. Metal stamping tensile bending crack ( 1) Bending line with sheet metal corrugated direction Angle is not in conformity with the stipulations layout, one-way v-shaped bending, the bending line should be perpendicular to the direction of corrugated; Two-way bending, bending line and corrugated direction best 45 degrees. ( 2) Tensile plastic materials is poor. ( 3) The bending radius is too small, poor quality of pickling. ( 4) Insufficient lubrication friction is bigger. ( 5) Intensive radius wear or gap too small feeding resistance increased. ( 6) Drawing a blank shearing and cutting surface quality is poor burr, crack. ( 7) Material thickness dimension seriously ultra poor feeding difficulty solution: the metal stamping tensile) problems. Metal stamping tensile shaping shape should be brief, symmetry, as a deep drawing; 2. Need to repeatedly tensile parts, under the premise that to ensure that the necessary quality of appearance, should be promised to internal and external appearance can occur in the process of stretch marks; 3. On the premise of ensure the installation requirements, should allow stretch side have must slope; 4. Stretch of the holes in the bottom of the flange or side to side wall of interval should be appropriate; 5. Stretch the bottom and wall, flange and the wall and the four corners of the rectangular pieces, radius should be appropriate; 6. The scale of the metal stamping tensile), not be labeled with dimensions.
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