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A common solution of stamping processing plants

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
The past in the production of deep drawing or heavy blunt artifacts, everybody thought pressure type ( EP) The best choice of lubricant is to protect the mold. Sulfur and chlorine EP additives are mixed into the pure oil to improve die life has been a long history. But with the new metal - The emergence of high strength steel, of the strict requirements of environmental protection, the value of EP oil-based lubricant has been reduced, or even lose the market. High strength steel under high temperature forming, EP oil-based lubricant has lost its performance, not in a very warm applications provide physical mold protect the diaphragm. And very warm type IRMCO high polymer solid lubricant can provide the necessary protection. As the metal deformation in the stamping die, temperature rising, EP thinning oil-based lubricant, in some cases may reach the flash point or burning ( Smoke) 。 IRMCO polymer lubricant general began to gush go up at a much lower viscosity. As the forming process of temperature rising, will become more thick more fortitude. In fact polymer temperature lubricant has extremely 'heat-seeking sex' and stick to the metal, forming a can reduce the friction of the diaphragm. This protective barrier can allow the workpiece extension, in the highest requirements of workpiece forming without rupture and adhesive, so as to control friction and metal flow. Effectively protect the mold, prolong the service life of the mold, increasing the intensity of the stamping. The advantages of the previous: metal stamping processing
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