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A set of mold without the aid of sharpening

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
A set of mold without grinding the importance and the specific characteristics of mold grinding: grinding mould is the assurance of punching quality consistency on a regular basis. Regular grinding mold not only can improve the service life of the mold and can improve the service life of the machine, to master the correct grinding time. For grinding mould, not a strict blow number to determine whether to need to grinding. Mainly depends on the degree of sharp edge. Mainly from the following three factors to determine: ( 1) Check the rounded edge, if radius R0. 1 mm ( The largest R value shall not exceed 0. 25 mm) Needs sharpening. ( 2) Check the punching quality, whether to have larger burr? ( 3) Judging by the noise of the machine pressing need sharpening. If abnormal noise when the same vice mould stamping, explain the punch has been dull, needs sharpening. ( Note: the blade at the back of the blade edge of circle or coarse, also want to consider sharpening. ) Sharpening method: there are different ways to die grinding, can be used for grinding machine can also be implemented on surface grinding machine. Punch and die grinding frequency is commonly 4:1, please adjust the mould height after grinding. ( 1) The harm of improper grinding method is not correct grinding will intensify mould rapid destruction of blade, cause of grinding hit number every time. ( 2) Accurate grinding method the benefits of regular grinding mould, punching can keep stable quality and precision. Mould blade mouth will damage the slower, longer life. Sharpening the rules: mold grinding to consider the following factors: ( 1) The rounded edge in R0. 1 - 0. 25 mm size case depends on the degree of sharp edge. ( 2) Grinding wheel surface to clean up. ( 3) Recommended a loose, coarse grain, soft grinding wheel. Such as WA46KV ( 4) Every time the amount of grinding ( Turning) Should not exceed 0. 013 mm, grinding amount will cause the mould surface overheating, equivalent to annealing treatment, mould become soft, greatly reduce the service life of mould. ( 5) Must add enough when grinding coolant. ( 6) Shall ensure that the punch and the die is fixed when grinding smooth, adopt the special jig. ( 7) Mold grinding quantity is certain, if to the values, the punch will be scrapped. If continue to use, easy to mold and machine damage, do more harm than good. ( 8) After the grinding, edge with oil stone processing, remove overly sharp ridge. ( 9) After the grinding, clean, demagnetization, oil. Note: the size of the mold grinding volume mainly depends on the thickness of the sheet stamping
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