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A subject of great significance to the stamping plant--improving the durability of stamping dies

by:Fortuna     2021-03-06
In the design and manufacture of stamping dies, the experience and skills of designers play a key role. Whether the design is reasonable or not can only be confirmed by trial mode; while the mold needs to be completed through multiple trial modes and repeated modifications. In production practice, once some molds are used on the production line, they often have various problems, which cannot meet the production requirements or technical requirements of the product, resulting in abnormal shutdown of the production line, which brings many unstable factors. Therefore, how to improve the stability of molds has become a practical problem faced by mold manufacturers. The stability of stamping die is divided into process stability and production stability. Process stability refers to a stable process plan for producing qualified products; production stability refers to a stable production capacity during the production process. The main factors that affect the stability of molds and stamping forming are: the use of mold materials; the strength requirements of mold structural parts; the stability of stamping material properties; the fluctuation characteristics of material thickness; the range of material changes; the resistance of tensile ribs The range of blank holder force; the choice of lubricant. In the stamping process, since each stamping sheet has its own chemical composition, mechanical properties and characteristic values u200bu200bclosely related to stamping performance, the performance of stamping materials is unstable, the thickness of stamping materials fluctuates, and the changes in stamping materials, Not only directly affects the accuracy and quality of stamping forming, but also may cause damage to the mold. In the selection of mold materials, in addition to high strength, high wear resistance and other good properties, it is also necessary to fully consider the production requirements of stamping parts in order to make the molding of the mold more stable. Take stretch ribs as an example, it occupies a very important position in stamping forming. In the stretch forming process, the forming of the product requires a certain amount of tension that is appropriately distributed along the fixed periphery. This tension comes from the force of the stamping equipment, the deformation resistance of the material at the edge, and the flow resistance on the blank holder surface. . If the flow resistance only depends on the blank holder force, the friction between the mold and the material is not enough. For this reason, it is also necessary to set a tensile rib that can produce greater resistance on the blank holder to increase the resistance of the feed, so that the material produces greater plastic deformation to meet the requirements of plastic deformation and plastic flow of the material. At the same time, by changing the size and distribution of the resistance of the stretched ribs, and controlling the speed of the material flowing into the mold and the amount of feed, the effective adjustment of the tensile force and its distribution in each deformation zone of the stretched part is realized, thereby preventing stretching. Product quality problems such as cracks, wrinkles, and deformation during forming. Therefore, in the process of formulating the stamping process and mold design, the size of the tensile resistance must be considered, the tensile ribs are arranged according to the change range of the blank holder force and the form of the tensile ribs are determined, so that each deformation area can be deformed and deformed according to the needs. The degree is completed. In order to improve the durability of the stamping die, the operator must use and maintain the stamping die reasonably, and the stamping die should be repaired frequently to prevent the stamping die from working with defects. The significance of improving the wear resistance can not only increase the service life of the stamping die, reduce the production cost of the die enterprise, but also ensure the quality of the products produced and improve the production efficiency. Recommended article: Analyze the basic structure and function of the metal stamping die. Previous article: The principle of the feeder and the adjustment of the feeding step
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