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A Unique Auto Stamping Spring Clip: Overcoming The Technical Difficulties Of Extremely Hard Sus301 Material

A Unique Auto Stamping Spring Clip: Overcoming The Technical Difficulties Of Extremely Hard Sus301 Material


Have you ever seen products stamped from SUS301 extremely hard material? Do you want to know how Fortuna overcomes the technical difficulties of this extremely hard material? Next, I will briefly introduce to you the relevant details of the Fortuna automotive stamping spring clip.

SUS301 is an Austrian stainless steel with a high hardening and strengthening index. The hardness range of SUS301 special hard material EH is about 370-420 HV. During the processing, due to the extremely hard nature of the material, 

if the material processing conditions cannot be accurately controlled, the material is prone to cracking; if the product needs to be bent multiple times, the bending angle and precision control must also be extremely difficult.

Therefore, the product production process is relatively complex and cumbersome, which not only tests the ability of mold technicians, but is also extremely challenging for the wear and polish of the mold itself. Next, we will further introduce how Fortuna

overcame the extremely hard characteristics of SUS301 material and successfully produced this unique automotive stamping spring clip.

      Features and properties of SUS301 super-hard material:

1. Extremely strong hardness: The hardness of materials is indeed a difficult issue for processing, but it is extremely advantageous for product application fields. Under the influence of the external environment, the product can withstand high loads and

at the same time It can also withstand various external impact forces and has reliable safety performance;

2. Strong wear resistance: For SUS301 material, its wear resistance is better than other stainless steel materials, and it is suitable for automobile braking systems and chassis systems, which can extend the service life of the product;

3. Excellent ductility: Although SUS301 all-hard ultra-thin stainless steel strip has high hardness, SUS301 has good ductility and can be made into molded parts of various shapes and sizes without losing strength;


      The process of overcoming product technical difficulties

When Fortuna first received the drawings of the product, it was discovered that the characteristics of this product were a large number of bends, a tricky bending angle, and a short bending length. In addition, what the customer needed

was SUS301 super-hard material. Therefore, it is very difficult to strictly control the accuracy and tolerance of the product, and it is extremely challenging to produce this product. In the early stage of mold design, the hardness of this

material caused great difficulties in polishing the mold. The mold is easy to wear. If not handled properly, the material is easy to harden or crack. Therefore, in order to address these possible problems, mold technology The personnel

adopted various processes such as forging, cold rolling, quenching and annealing to not only ensure the hardness of the material itself, but also meet the required functionality of the product and solve the problem of material

hardness.However, this product is used in the automotive field, so the bending angle and length of the product must be accurately controlled, otherwise it cannot be applied to the assembly of automotive parts, because Fortuna's mold

equipment is imported from Japan, including Mitsubishi and Sei bu Low-speed Wire Cutting Machine . The cutting machine can control the accuracy of the product within ±0.002MM. Faced with the problem of short bending of the

product, mold engineers and technicians have verified the product through multiple mold modifications and measured the bending angle and length of the product step by step. In the end, the product will fully meet the requirements of

the customer's drawings, solve the problem of bending angle and accuracy of the product, and also overcome the difficulty of the extremely hard SUS301 material.

The success of this automotive stamping spring clip is due to Fortuna's high-tech engineering team and advanced mold processing equipment, which can solve the technical difficulties of the extremely hard SUS301 material in a short time.

It can be seen that Fortuna is in the field of metal stamping. It is very trustworthy in terms of professional and technical capabilities.

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