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About micro hole punching compared with process characteristics of etching holes!

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
About micro hole punching compared with the process characteristics of etching processing, precision metal stamping company is a professional manufacture of precision stamping parts custom manufacturer, we constantly improve their own system. For our accredited by ISO2015 version, ITF16949, and high-tech enterprise certification, and in daily production process strictly enforce the document. Our monthly to the training of production staff has a different topic. For a long time, people have exceeded industry quality consciousness. Combined with the company each year to add imported punch ( See the development) , makes the company's quality and production capacity, efficiency, service in the industry leading position. Looking for precision punching factory. Looking for precision. Send drawings to the mailbox. Will immediately experienced more than 30 years of engineer evaluation process and the price for you. Email: ( The graph is product collaosed, for non-professional photography and the mesh is too precision, so graphics display co. , LTD. , auspicious see text) Technology introduction material selected number specified by the customer, hardness. Usually adopt stainless steel and copper in the majority of applications: mobile phone dustproof, oil filter, filter, Mostly in the stainless steel) 。 And battery collector network ( Silver or nickel alloy, etc. ) Precision punching diameter: the company in the industry breakthrough in late 2017. Limit reached 0. 27MM。 And can batch stable production with good quality. Precision hole spacing: 0. 3毫米( The area of 50 * 80 mm with 1. 70000 uniform precision pores) The precision has been patented technology, is currently the industry's first can use stamping process to achieve the diameter 0. 27 mm stamping factory. Customers usually choose before etching, laser technology, such as processing technology. But because of the two kinds of technology have some disadvantages, so customers find precision, through seven months of trying, improvement. At present has the disadvantages of etching and laser fully resolved. ( Below for third-party baidu library statistics the drawbacks of the process) Through the above that, to etching processing 0. 2 mm hole, the thickness of the material must be zero. 03 ~ 0. Between 8 mm, stamping and perfect solve this difficult problem. Our company aperture 0. 27 mm diameter holes, material is 0. 1 mm and 0. 12mm。 This is out of reach for etching. Because the etching is the use of liquid corrosion process, so only for some specified metal materials can be processed. Using high precision laser cutting may be able to achieve, but there will be a burr, and debris. Obviously high demand products appear this kind of situation is not allowed. And punching processing is through the mold to physical material molding, so there is no requirement for punching material type. And we are with the method of cutting punching, so not as a burr and laser and welding slag and surface blackening. More about precision stamping hole process, production cycle, etc, please advice immediately. Dongguan Huang Qin customer service phone precision electronic technology co. , LTD Tel: 0769 - 81697092/400 - 862 - 1890 email: address: dongguan shatian mori chau village culture around the team after the ferry road this company is a high-tech enterprise has passed the TS16949 / ISO9001:2015 vision: do global professional electronic components of precision stamping parts processing plants 10-35 about micro hole punching compared with process characteristics of etching holes. 。
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