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Affect the quality of stainless steel stampings

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
1. Mould processing parts and drawings design error drawings marked clearly needs to work out the parts of guide area. But as a result of pressure core of modalities face again after the casting forming is adopted to guide surface machining, the machining surface and guide die surface match after clearance error exists, in the mold material emerged during the normal operation of the pressure core left/right. 2. Flanging forming mould design defect of the mould for a double cavity left/right public, due to this process content in addition to the flanging, also have both shape forming content, combined with the special complex parts, curved surface is narrow, the forming requirements concave die core material consistent with the forming surface and so on, cause mould structure conditions for forming large travel, pressure area is small. Designers in the original die design, only consider the small pressure is expected to face this feature, but neglected the material core forming guide slide stroke. A: on the precision stamping parts of the design work
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