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All inspection procedures in the process of stamping parts production

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Stamping, casting is an important means of workpiece processing, these two process can play an important role in the field of automobile manufacturing, stamping and casting parts, for automotive body quality, all is the basis of the guarantee. That is, the quality of stamping parts good or bad will directly affect the whole car, so you have to pass strict quality inspection and qualified to use. 1, the material inspection of stamping parts quality inspection content before the production of stamping parts, check on the material to conduct a comprehensive and meticulous, ensure the production conditions are met, in order to avoid problems continue to artifacts. 2, the necessity of stamping parts inspection in mass production as a result of the stamping quality determines the quality of the whole batch products, so the inspection time must not be careless, main is to observe whether there is a pressing crack, fold and deformation defects. 3, online partition of stamping parts production inspection and sampling inspection, in order to improve the qualified rate of artifacts need to partition by visual, tools, inspection, and spot check of stamping parts in all stages of production, in order to better control the overall quality. 4, stamping parts, precision detection is mainly using the tool to full size precision detection of stamping parts, achieve early warning on the parts with higher percent of pass, the purpose of effectively avoid influencing the overall dimension precision of products. 5, stamping outbound check the products before they go out after a threshold, through outbound check again to confirm quality and precision of the stamping parts, in order to avoid the unqualified products into the market, both for users and manufacturers, is very bad.
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