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All kinds of stamping parts headset speakers basin net cover wholesale, metal headphone speakers

by:Fortuna     2021-02-14
Cheap plastic speaker box because of its thin body, can't overcome resonance, with no sound quality ( There is also a part of the design good plastic speakers are much better than inferior wooden speakers) ; Wooden box reduces the body resonance sound caused by the dye, the sound quality is generally better than plastic speakers. Multimedia speakers are usually double unit binary frequency design, a smaller speaker is responsible for the high output, and the other in a larger speaker is responsible for the bass output. Select speakers should consider the material of the two speakers: multimedia active speaker high unit is given priority to with soft ball ( There are also used for simulation of the audio source titanium membrane ball, etc. ) , speakers, metal processing it to match the digital audio source can reduce the high frequency signal hard feeling, give a person the sense with soft, smooth, delicate. Multimedia speakers are good films with quality and lower cost of PV membrane such as soft ball on the top of the majority. Bass unit which determines the characteristics of the speaker's voice, it is relatively important to choose a few, most common has the following kinds: paper cone, and apply the tape basin, basin, suppression of paper-based wool to wait for a few kinds. Paper cone sound natural, cheap, good rigidity, material less sensitivity, moisture resistance is poor, the manufacture is weakness consistency is difficult to control, but the top HiFi system in paper POTS made everywhere, because the sound output is very average, reducing. Bullet-proof cloth, with wide frequency response and low distortion, is fond of the choice of those who were strong bass, disadvantage is high cost, complicated manufacturing process, the sensitivity is not high light music effect is not well. Wool knitting basin, texture is soft, it with soft music and light music performance is very good, but the bass effect is not good, lack of strength and shock. PP( Polypropylene) Basin, it is widely popular in high-end speakers, good consistency distortion is low, remarkable in many ways. Horn metal processing and diaphragm like fiber and composite diaphragm due to the high prices rarely used in affordable speakers. Nature is the bigger the better speaker size, large diameter woofer can have better performance in low frequency part, it is in the choose and buy can be chosen. Made of high performance speakers sound box means that have lower transient distortion and better sound quality. Common multimedia speaker woofer speaker is between 3 ~ 5 inches more. Made of high performance speakers speaker also means have lower transient distortion and better sound quality. A: stamping industry market and the problems existing in the technical level
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