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Aluminum alloy brazing processing often neglected factors

by:Fortuna     2020-04-08
Aluminum alloy brazing processing difficulties, industry recognized. The main difficulties are as follows: 1. Aluminium and aluminium alloy melting point just above 600 degrees, easy to melt, when welding defects such as burning through, burning; 2. High thermal conductivity, which is about 2 ~ 4 times of steel, heat resistance is poor. 3. General aluminium alloy is not high temperature resistant, expansion coefficient is big, easy to produce welding deformation and welding crack tendency is obvious, and the thinner aluminum alloy plate, the more difficult it is to welding, the welding wear easily. 4. Produced easily in the aluminum alloy welding air hole, because the hydrogen in the weld pool can't discharge before weld formation, causes existing in the weld porosity. 5. Aluminum alloy surface is directly exposed to the air, especially in the surface layer of refractory oxide mode ( Of alumina) Melting point of 2050 degrees, the oxide layer model, very difficult to remove. 6. Aluminum alloy welded joint softening, welding strength coefficient is lower than the parent metal. 7. Aluminum alloy material in melt state surface tension is small, easy to droop. Based on the characteristics of aluminum alloy itself, and other metals ( Such as steel, copper) Compared to achieve successful brazing processing more difficult. In the batch brazing of aluminium and aluminium alloy products processing production process, you must identify affect the brazing process factors on the quality of the soldering process, and take the corresponding control measures, it is particularly important on the stability of quality, otherwise may cause the batch quality accident. In the process of the batch brazing of aluminum alloy processing, in addition to solder, solder, soldering process temperature regular influence factors, the following factors tend to be ignored, but the quality of brazing processing also has important effects: induction brazing processing/flame brazing processing 1. For some large high frequency induction brazing of aluminum processing, considered whether the solder joints near heat and temperature field distribution of the aluminum materials? 2. You would ever thought of the fixture and the size of the contact surface between aluminum workpiece or structure, which may lead to uneven fixture endothermic or solder joint efficiency to reduce? 3. Do you consider the environmental factors such as strong air convection, the humidity of aluminium alloy the effect on the stability of the high frequency induction brazing processing automatically? 4. The actual brazing process heating whether considering the aluminum and aluminum alloy in the actual brazing brazing processing temperature machining gap? 5. For the limited space, whether the brazing process should consider limited space in the air, and the influence of the thermal expansion of the welding joint? 6. Would you consider frequency induction heating on the depth of heating and the influence of the temperature uniformity? The vacuum brazing process 1. The process of vacuum brazing, operator contact with the workpiece ( Such as hand sweat pollution) Whether to consider or control will cause pollution of the product into the furnace and after welding quality problems? 2. Considering the low melting point metal pollution to the aluminum alloy? 3. Consider the furnace chamber of the aluminium alloy workpiece pollution? 4. Is considered in the brazing temperature aluminum alloy workpieces or expansion of hot deformation and the actual assembly clearance of aluminum alloy at high temperature? 5. Whether to consider the influence of surface finish of the filler metal is? 6. Whether considering the filler metal in the volatile elements on the quality of the soldering process? Relevant search: stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts, brazing processing link: http://www. wuxilongshun。 com/
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