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An Automotive Crown Springs for structure and manufacturing


Many people are very familiar with metal stamping terminals, especially their performance, characteristics and advantages. In the field of metal stamping, metal stamping terminal products account for a large proportion, and their application areas are also very wide, such as in application scenarios such as aerospace, automobiles, and energy storage, the metal stamped terminals produced by Fortuna, which are mainly used in the three major application fields of automobiles, consumer electronics, and new energy, and are deeply trusted by our customers. Today, I would like to introduce to you a product in stamped terminals - crown springs. This type of product is in great demand and widely used by automobile production customers. Next, I will briefly introduce the structure of this product and its processing process.

1. What is a crown spring?

Metal stamped crown springs are different from the crown springs we see every day. Fortuna uses metal stamping technology to produce oval lantern shapes used in the automotive field. This product is mainly used in the assembly of parts within automobile compressors, and the product manufacturing process and structure are relatively complex.

2.Performance of product raw materials

This type of product mainly uses beryllium copper (C17200) as the raw material, and is mainly suitable for electronic shrapnel, terminals and automobile-related parts with high strength, high elasticity and high hardness. Especially after heat treatment, the material can get closer to the high strength limit, elastic limit, yield limit and fatigue resistance limit. At the same time, it has high electrical and thermal conductivity properties, and its corrosion resistance and wear resistance can also be maximized.

3.Difficulties in product production and processing procedures

This product mainly goes through four processing steps: stamping, heat treatment, electroplating, and full inspection and packaging in blister boxes. The daily production capacity of product stamping can reach 60,000 pieces. After stamping, it needs to undergo heat treatment, then nickel plating, silver plating, and then undergo a 48-hour salt spray test before arranging relevant packaging personnel to conduct a full inspection. The difficulty in the production process of this product is to use barrel plating. Since the product's appearance resembles a lantern, it is very easy to have poor plating and peeling. In particular, it has to pass the salt spray test, and the corrosion resistance performance of the product is required. Relatively strict.

4.Product features and application scenarios

(1) Excellent stability and toughness. Because the load-bearing capacity of a crown spring depends on its size, diameter and wire diameter, the elasticity and endurance of our products have been tested to be at the highest level in the industry.

(2) Good electrical and thermal conductivity. Since the internal and external force distribution of the crown spring is very uniform and stable, its performance is also extremely stable and reliable.

(3) It is extremely suitable for applications with higher load and strong stability, such as automobile compression devices, mechanical and electronic spiral couplers and other products;

(4) The flexibility does not cause the possibility of failure. The insertion and extraction force can be customized according to customer needs, which can meet customer needs to the greatest extent. At the same time, its cost is very advantageous compared to other alternatives.

5.Fortuna’s production capacity

1Production equipment

Fortuna currently has 70 punching equipment, with tonnage ranging from 25-200T, which can meet most of the production types of crown springs on the market. Moreover, our punching speed ranges from 90-1200 times/min, and our daily production capacity is worthy of customers' trust. . The application of our production equipment can ensure that crown spring production is more accurate and efficient, effectively improving product quality and stability.

2Technical experience

Our company's mold engineers and designers all have more than 10 years of experience. They have rich experience and professional knowledge in the design, manufacturing and application of crown springs, and can provide customized solutions based on customer drawings and needs. At the same time, it can also make multiple improvements and adjustments based on customer product needs and market changes to meet customer needs to the greatest extent.

3Delivery cycle

Fortuna's production equipment capacity is sufficient to meet customers' requirements for product delivery, ensuring stable product production capacity and providing customers with efficient and high-quality services. Fortuna's product delivery period can reach 15-20 days at the fastest, which can maximize delivery requirements and period demand.

All in all, Fortuna has complete processes from material selection, production, quality testing, packaging and other processes. It uses professional technology, attentive service, preferential prices, and stable quality to reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers, open up product market share, and achieve a win-win situation with customers.

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