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Analysis on the Springback of Precision Terminals

by:Fortuna     2021-04-23
What should I do if the precision terminal rebounds during the bending process? Precision has two methods to control the springback of stamping parts, for your reference. There are two methods to control the springback of precision terminals. One is the over-compensation method, and the other is the process control method. According to the trend of springback, making a compensation angle consistent with the expected springback in the mold, or controlling the excessive punching of the punch, is the so-called compensation method. This is a widely used method for controlling springback of precision terminals. However, when there are complex-shaped curved products and high-precision requirements, the precision control of springback is limited because it is difficult to accurately estimate the amount of springback. The second way to change the stress state of the sheet, the process control method is used to control springback. Usually this process includes: stamping, stretch bending, thermal bending. During the stamping process, the additional stress in the thickness direction of the plate changes the stress distribution in the bending deformation area. By applying a tangential tensile deformation and reducing the bending moment at the bend of the precision terminal, the rebound of the sheet can be controlled. The Dongguan company has a complete and formal system, a stable team, and a tiered reserve of technical personnel. It can respond in time when the electronic stamping precision terminal orders suddenly break out. The after-sales service system is complete, and it can respond to customer on-site needs within 24 hours. Precise contact information: Precise wishes everyone a prosperous business and all the best. If you want to learn more, you can scan the following QR code and follow the official account. , Committed to the world's most professional precision stamping processing plant for electronic parts
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