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Antenna shrapnel mid mold production safety considerations

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Antenna shrapnel has excellent electrical performance and fatigue resistance, contact stability. Easy to install, excellent product reliability, high cost-effective, durable. Antenna shrapnel mold in stamping process, by using the high speed punch, risk is higher, if the improper operation, do serious damage to the mold, and the operating personnel security will be hurt. So, in order to ensure the antenna shrapnel mould and the production safety of operators and medium mould production safety needs to pay attention to the following: 1. Punches must be confirmed before running punch all safety detector can work normally. 2. Not short sub press switch operation. 3. In a way, it is forbidden to talk with others, do not put hand and other parts in beryllium copper shell mold. 4. After material need to maintain the cleanness of beryllium copper shell mould and punch, not go to stuff in, in order to ensure safety in production. 5. Press boot punch before and after the security must be closed before operation. 6. Punch in the system of operation impact, the position of the operator to properly, should keep a certain distance with mould and punch regulated part. 7. In the press of beryllium copper shell mould debugging during operation. 8. Two people at the same time operating a single punch. Dongguan company in metal mold design and processing, at the same time equipped with BRUDERER, KYORI precision high-speed punch press, and of course without heat treatment machines. Therefore, the company produces the antenna shrapnel, USES the high quality of beryllium copper raw material, quality guaranteed, the precision of the products at the same time will be flexible as the demand of the customers can design, really did it take the customer demand as the goal.
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