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Antenna shrapnel molds the late lower die operation safety considerations

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Antenna shrapnel has excellent electrical performance and fatigue resistance, contact stability. Antenna shrapnel mold in stamping process, by using the high speed punch, risk is higher, if the improper operation, do serious damage to the mold, and the operating personnel security will be hurt. So, in order to ensure the antenna shrapnel mould and the production safety of operators and the late mould need to pay attention to the following: (lower die operation safety 1) Under the normal mode: (1) the first punch hit 'inching, turn off the counter; (2) using inching switch to punching machine to bottom dead center ( 180° ) , cut strip; 3. Screw loose up and down mould; (4) the punch hit top dead center, the mold to mold the car at the same time, the die must be completed two people at the same time, not one person die to ensure the safety. ( 2) Abnormal lower die: (1) turn off the host power supply and counter; (2) after being flywheel stops completely, with safety bar shake flywheel ( Avoid by all means use hand pull out the flywheel) Stripper paste stay template; Screw loose up and down mould, the flywheel with safety bar drawing & 0 deg. ~ 70度; To die down. Dongguan precision electronic technology co. , LTD is specialized in the r&d and production of various kinds of antenna shrapnel molds and other types of mold. Regular employees on personnel matters of safety education and training, has been to production safety discharge in the first place, the customer's property protection to every employee in the heart of the propaganda. In this paper, starting from the original if there is any forward, please indicate the source and the author
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