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Any promotion team established by Fortuna in foreign countries?
Dongguan Fortuna Metals Co, Ltd.has already established our own promotion team in China. It consists of several talents who are specialized in working out the best market strategy. They do their best to deal with the issues of our domestic and foreign customers, and also, spare no pains to help promote our brand awareness in the global. In addition, they can utilize all types of online promotion channels, such as Facebook and Google, to help promote branded products including lead frame type and enlarge our customer base.

Fortuna provides customers with customized metal stamping china and project solutions. The lead frames series is widely praised by customers. The design factors of Fortunacnc machined parts are well-considered. It is carried out by our designers who concern about safety as well as the users’ convenience for manipulating, and convenience for maintenance. The product has a compact design and can be space-saving. In today's competitive business world, this product has become an important part of brand representation. The product has a certain bearing capacity and strong adaptability of the weather.

Fortuna intends to be among the very influential high-end brands in producing stamping parts. Call now!
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