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Application and characteristics of metal stamping parts characteristics

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Metal stamping parts is to rely on press and die for sheet, strip, pipe and profiles, such as external force, make its produce plastic deformation or separation, thus to obtain the required shape and size of the workpiece, Metal stamping parts) The forming method. Stamping and forging belong to plastic processing ( Or pressure processing) , called the forging press. Stamping of billet is mainly hot rolling and cold rolling steel plate and steel belt. Stamping process for mainly according to classification, can be divided into separation process and forming process two kinds big. Metal stamping parts mainly is the metal or nonmetal sheet, with the aid of the pressure of the press, through the stamping die stamping forming, it basically has the following features: (1) hardware stamping parts is on the premise of material consumption is not big, the * * made, light weight, good stiffness, its parts and sheet metal after plastic deformation, metal internal organizational structure to improve, to improve strength of metal stamping parts. Metal stamping parts with high dimensional accuracy, with the module size uniform, good interchangeability. Don't need to be further mechanical processing to meet the requirements of the general assembly and use. (3) metal stamping parts in stamping process, due to the surface of the material are not destroyed, therefore, have good surface quality, smooth and beautiful appearance, for the surface paint, electroplating, * * and other surface treatment provides convenient conditions. Characteristics of application of metal stamping parts is power by means of conventional or special stamping equipment, the deformation of sheet metal in the mould is directly force and deformation, thereby gaining a certain shape, size and performance of the production technology of product parts. Sheet metal, stamping mould and equipment is processing of the three elements. Cold stamping processing is a kind of metal deformation processing method. So, called cold stamping or sheet metal stamping, stamping for short. It is plastic metal processing ( Or pressure processing) One of the main methods, also belongs to the material molding engineering technology. 50 ~ 60% of steel sheet is made, most of this is after squeezing into a finished product. Car body, radiator, the steam kettle drum, container shell, motor, electric iron core silicon steel sheet in stamping process. Instruments and meters, household appliances, office, storage vessels and other mechanical products, there are a large number of metal stamping parts. Stamping is efficient production, the initiative to adopt composite die, exception is a multi-station progressive die, it can be finished in a pressure on multichannel stamping technical operation, complete material automatically generated. Generate fast, rest time is long, low production cost, collective per minute can be of production, popular with many factories. Metal stamping parts and castings, forgings, has the characteristic of thin, uniform, light and strong. Stamping can make this a master diameter is difficult to manufacture with enhanced, rib flanging, front, or artifacts, in order to improve its stiffness. Rejected due to the rough mould, workpiece precision can reach micron grade, and high precision, specification is consistent, can punching a hole nest, convex sets, etc. In the actual production, commonly used to approximate the manufacturability of stamping process test, such as deep drawing performance test, bulging performance test and other test materials stamping performance, to ensure the quality of the finished product and high qualified rate. Stamping with besides plate with hydraulic press forming, usually take grinds to press. In this high-speed transfer grinds to press as the focus, set up the equipment configuration open book of finished product collection, walks, and quick mold library and placement of the mould, and use computer French bundles, can form high production rate of the passive stamping production line. In production per minute dozens, hundreds of pieces of metal stamping parts, finish stamping in short time, such as pieces of a process, person, often equipped with and quality incident. A: tiny hole metal stamping processing technical problems and solving methods
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