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Application and development trend of stamping materials

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Stamping materials application and development trend with the rapid development of stamping technology and application of industry asks is ceaseless rise, people are paying more attention to stamping materials. Is a sheet metal stamping commonly used material, also use non-metallic sheet. Black sheet metal stamping with sheet metal sheet metal points and two kinds of non-ferrous metal sheet. ( 1) According to the nature, the black metal plate is divided into: plain carbon steel, high quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel, electrical silicon steel plate, stainless steel plate and other steel plate, such as galvanized steel, tool steel, etc. ( 2) Non-ferrous metal plate including plastic, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, anticorrosion performance and excellent welding performance, used for instrument and shell products such as copper and copper alloy plate ( Belt) ; Good plasticity and thermal conductivity, small density and small deformation resistance, used for measuring instrument panel, all kinds of housings and stent products such as aluminium and aluminium alloy plate ( Belt) ; Has the density is small, than high strength, high stiffness, good damping, electromagnetic shielding characteristic superiority, good shock resistance, good corrosion resistance and other characteristics of magnesium, manganese alloy plate, they are reduced the weight of machinery and equipment, to improve the performance of mechanical equipment of various ideal structural material. Suitable for processing into a plate component, baffle, fuel tank welding parts and components such as aircraft skin. In addition, there are tin phosphor bronze sheet, titanium alloy plate and nickel copper alloy plate, etc. Stamping with nonmetal sheet metal stamping with non-metallic materials including insulation rubber wood, cardboard, leather belt, fiberboard, rubber, plastic and organic glass laminate, the corresponding products mainly used in light industry and building materials industry. Stamping with material specification sheet metal parts are the most commonly used material, common specifications have 710 mm & times; 1420 mm and 1000 mm & times; 2000 mm, etc. When the mass production with special specification can be used ( Coil) ; Piece of material can be used under special circumstances, it is suitable for single piece and small batch production value of expensive non-ferrous metal stamping. New stamping materials and prospects of the development of modern material science have: according to the requirements on the use and manufacture, design and development of new materials, so a lot of sheet stamping with new arises at the historic moment. New stamping with plate includes: high strength steel, corrosion resistant steel, dual phase steel and coating plate and composite plate. ( 1) High strength steel plate, is refers to ordinary steel plate reinforced steel plate processing and get. Often use a metal reinforcement, principles are: solid solution strengthening, precipitation strengthening, fine-grain strengthening, organization, strengthening ( Phase transformation strengthening and composite reinforcement) And ageing strengthening and strengthening, etc. Among them, the former five is by adding alloy composition and heat treatment process to control sheet properties. High strength steel plate of high intensity meaning has two aspects: first, the yield strength, tensile strength is high, in the range of 270 ~ 3 l0mpa. High strength steel plate for auto parts, the tensile strength can reach 600 ~ 800 mpa, and the corresponding ordinary cold-rolled mild steel tensile strength of 300 mpa; Second, the application of high strength steel plate, can reduce the weight of the stamping parts, save energy and reduce the cost of stamping products. ( 2) Corrosion resistant steel. The development of new corrosion resistant steel's main purpose is to enhance corrosion resistant ability of ordinary steel plate stamping parts. It has two kinds: one kind is to join the new elements of corrosion resistant steel plate, such as atmospheric corrosion resisting steel plates, etc. Atmospheric corrosion resisting steel plate developed by our country, there are 10 cupcrni ( Cold rolled) And 9 cupcrni ( Hot rolled) , its corrosion resistance is 3 ~ 5 times of the ordinary carbon steel; The second is the surface coating or plating a layer of anti-corrosion materials, also as a kind of coating plate. ( 3) Coating plate. In corrosion resisting steel, belongs to a kind of metal plating layer steel plate. Because traditional tinplate, galvanized sheet, cannot adapt to the automotive industry, electronics industry, agricultural machinery and the need of building industry, so some new varieties of coated steel has been developed. In coating plate, all kinds of coated plate has better corrosion resistance of organic coatings, the performance of the surface damage prevention, therefore is being used for all kinds of structures. ( 4) Composite plate. Plastic coated steel is a kind of composite board; Different metal composite together ( Such as cold rolling composite, etc. ) Is also a kind of composite panels, or called composite composite panels. This kind of deformation of the composite plate burst is bigger than single burst of material deformation, the basic material property values ( For example, the value of n) Bigger. A: our country is quite a gap from the mould power themselves
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