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Application range of metal stamping parts


Metal stamping part refers to a mold for forming a sheet of a non-ferrous metal such as steel at room temperature, and is formed into a specified shape by a press to provide a pressure required for processing. So, what is the application range of metal stamping parts?

(1) Stamping in the automotive industry. In this part of China, we mainly focus on large factories such as automobile factories, tractor factories and aircraft manufacturers. 

(2) Stamping of parts and components in the automotive industry. Mainly punching and forming. Many of the companies in this sector belong to the scale factory, and there are also some independent stamping plants. At present, there are many such small factories near some automobile factories or tractor factories.

(3) Electric device stamping factories which are mainly concentrated in the south.

(4) Life Commodity Stamping Factory. Do some crafts, tableware, etc. These factories have also developed greatly in recent years.

(5) Household appliance parts stamping factory. These factories have only emerged after the development of household appliances in China, and most of them are distributed in home appliance enterprises.

(6) Special stamping enterprises. Such as the stamping of aviation parts, etc. belong to such enterprises, but these craft factories are also owned by some big factories.

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