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Application range of metal stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-07
The application of metal stamping parts is very extensive, including industries such as automobiles, electronics, and household appliances. Precision-Committed to the customized processing of precision stamping parts for more than 10 years, and has accumulated rich experience. What are the applications of metal stamping parts? The precise author will tell you. (1) Stamping in the automotive industry is mainly based on stretched parts. In our country, this part of the key is concentrated in large factories such as automobile factories, tractor factories, and aircraft production factories. (2) Stamping of auto parts. Mainly punching and forming. Many of these types of companies belong to standard parts factories, and there are also some separate stamping factories. At this stage, there are many such small processing factories around some automobile manufacturers or tractor factories. (3) Electric device stamping factory. This kind of factory is a new industrial production, following the development trend of electrical appliances. This unit factory is mainly concentrated in the southern region, such as the hardware factory in Dongguan. (4) Daily necessities stamping factory. Doing some works of art, kitchen utensils, etc., this kind of factory also has a big development trend in recent years. (5) Stamping plant for structural parts of household appliances. Such factories all emerged after the development trend of my country's electrical appliances, and large units are all over the home appliance industry. [Related recommendation] Learn more: What are the methods for polishing the surface of stainless steel? Learn more: Manufacturing characteristics of automobile stamping parts molds Learn more: Points to note in the design of continuous stamping dies (2)
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