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Approval of the State Council in 22 cities metro planning specific list

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Fast urban rail transit construction in China, the State Council approved 22 city metro planning, with a total investment of nearly 900 billion yuan. The 22 rail transit development benefit, in which, believes that many people will be interested in. Below, we provide a list for you. Specific can refer to these cities, but does not guarantee that all right, some cities may also not released. ( Such as fuzhou, hefei, suzhou and other cities also have reportedly have foshan of chengdu metro rail transit planning of wuhan subway Harbin metro rail transit ningbo hangzhou metro shenyang subway zhengzhou subway wuxi suzhou rail transit subway in xian subway nanning rail traffic of chongqing rail transit subway in changchun, dalian metro subway Beijing tianjin metro Shanghai rail transit nanjing metro and guangzhou metro shenzhen metro Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, according to the three places, at present the State Council approved the subway construction is usually measured on the basis of three indicators, namely the urban population over 3 million, the GDP over 100 billion, the local finance general budget revenue more than 10 billion, and 60% of the light rail standards as long as to achieve the above conditions, at present nearly 50 cities in China with the construction requirements and conditions of the rail transit, the orbit transportation construction in the future development of our country has huge potential. Urbanization push rail transit a country the development of rail transit construction, and its level of urbanization is closely linked. To two hundred and thirty, significantly speed up the process of urbanization in our country, the urbanization rate from 17 in 1979. 9%, increased to 45 in 2008. 68%. By the end of 2008, a total of 655 national city. By 2020, China's urbanization rate will reach 60%. Urbanization process accelerated, motor vehicle number increase rapidly, which leads to the traffic congestion. Private car ownership in China from 28 in 1985. 50000, jumped to 2008 in 35. 01 million. According to the international metropolis saturated standard 3 million - car ownership 4 million cars, car ownership in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai has been close to saturation. The city's population has reached 17 million, more than 3. 5 million vehicles, motor vehicle total ease urban traffic congestion, development of rail transit is a fundamental way. Urban rail transit construction, is of great significance to reduce traffic pressure brought by the urbanization process. Beijing subway operation co. , LTD. , chairman Andrew hsieh has said publicly that by 2015, Beijing rail transit more than the average daily passenger traffic of 10 million people, accounting for more than 50% of total public transport. According to the plan, Shanghai rail transit line by 2010 average daily traffic reached 6 million, accounting for about 35% of the city's bus passenger flow volume. A: 1. 6 billion yuan on machine tool manufacturing project contract in the west in the county
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