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Are You Doing These Movements To Damage The Mold


Are You Doing These Movements To Damage The Mold?

Never maintenance stamping mold according to the maintenance plan

(1) Do not replace any spring. Damaged spring keeps on working, which will lead to a skew of your block and damage the mold parts. using the spring of different sizes, different lengths at the same time will cause very poor spring pressure distribution.

(2) Do not clean the mold. The waste in the formation of processing and stamping was ignored in the mold gap.

(3) Do not check whether the cylinder leaks. Cylinder using of overload them, and ultimately lead to damage to the seal in advance.

(4) Never check the mold before the mold frame into the punch. but believe that the tool has been packed, Do not check whether the thickness gauge is dropped on the mold.

Never use a lubricant on stamping die

Never use lubricants on the mold, especially for the drawing mold of stainless steel or high tensile strength materials. For the mixed-use of oil, test and determine whether it can be used just according to the virtue of hands. The effect of the use of oil was not considered. The oil was randomly smeared on the board. Materials double-sided was never lubricated. It will damage the steel parts to use the high chlorine lubricant in tungsten mold. 

Never use the molds’ protecting device

Do not use the molds’ protection device. Closing or not properly using them will damage the mold. In order to avoid mold damage, depending on the operator instead of equipment to quickly find problems is very inefficient.

Die shut height was set incorrectly

Without the proper use of the limit block or remove the limit block. Die shut height was judged according to the impact sound of mould closing. if the product is not qualified, the method reducing the high mode to get a better product will eventually damage the die and punch.

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