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Auto stamping parts to expand export strategy

by:Fortuna     2021-02-11
Car automotive stamping parts stamping parts to expand exports strategy is during the '11th five-year' national key support one of the export products. Expanding automotive stamping parts exports is also China's implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating trade through science and technology and accelerate the transformation of foreign trade growth mode of important content. This paper is to expand our country automobile stamping parts, exports put forward countermeasures and Suggestions as follows: to optimize the automobile stamping parts of the export structure actively adjust the structure of export products made by a single model type export to capital export change; By low-end labor-intensive material intensive products, export to high value-added mechanical and electrical products export of change; By the aftermarket shift gradually to form a complete set of market. To promote the development of e-commerce and the import and export service trade system, continuously improve the overall quality of stamping parts of the enterprise and the ability to participate in international competition. Adhere to the implementation of 'to' and 'going out' strategy encourages enterprises through various forms to establish overseas marketing center and marketing network. Support a strong investment of foreign enterprises built factories overseas, from pure product export to export capital, technology and brand. Encourage enterprises through overseas acquisitions and other way to get related technology, research and development capabilities and other international quality resources. For foreign investment restrictions to our country enterprise by the government, through a variety of ways, including mechanism of multilateral and bilateral negotiations, actively addressed. Continue to encourage strong multinational company invest in China have the destination to introduce our country is not the ability to develop all kinds of advanced technology. Through the introduction of advanced product technology and management, directly promote China's auto parts industry into global automotive stamping parts production and supply system.
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