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Automatic bending shrapnel shrapnel and pressure machine

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Precision shrapnel shrapnel precision stamping/an automatic bending shrapnel and pressure shrapnel machine and its automatic curved shell, shrapnel, the method of automatic bending shrapnel shrapnel and pressure machine including by shrapnel from a PLC control system to realize mutual coordination between feeding device, curved shell components, charger shell feeding device, pressure shell components, the bending of a pair of transfer and fixed to the charger shell connector pins on the conveyor components, described shrapnel feeding device with the charger shell feeding device parallel Settings; Charger shell feeding device on each of the two pins of the charger shell corresponding shrapnel feeding device of a pair of shrapnel; Curved shell, the transportation process of shrapnel, after bending pressure shrapnel are realizing automation production installation, promptly after the bending quality can be ensured and unified, stable quality, and can greatly reduce the operator heavy manual work, realize the shrapnel full automatic bending and fixed installation, saving manpower, high production efficiency.
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