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Automobile connector terminal blanking process steps

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Automobile connector terminal blanking process is the basic movement of stripper plate first contact with the sheet metal and pressed firmly, punch fell to contact with the sheet metal and continues to fall into the concave die, convex and concave mold and sheet metal relative movement led to the sheet metal separation, then separate, convex and concave die stripper plate pushed the workpiece or scrap from the punch, finish cutting movement. Stripper plate movement is one of the key, in order to guarantee the quality of automobile connector terminal blanking, must control the movement of the stripper plate, be sure to make it before the punch and the sheet metal contact, and the force that press a material should be enough, blanking pieces or cut surface quality is poor, low dimensional precision, bad flatness, even die life. According to the usual method of blanking punching die design, often after stamping workpiece with waste is difficult to separate. Under the precondition of not affecting the quality of automobile connector terminals, can be used on the intensive unloading board to add some convex set blocks, in order to make the movement, after the completion of blanking punching hole die stripper plate first launched the artifacts from the concave die, intensive unloading board then push the wastes from intensive also fall, as a result, artifact and nature of waste is separated. For some local raised large automobile connector terminals, can in the stripper plate blanking punching die of the concave die on increasing pressure type punch, exert enough spring force at the same time, to ensure the unloading board pressed punch when in contact with the sheet metal to deform the material first to achieve molding, continue to blanking punch movement, often can reduce step of a mould, reduce the cost. Some of the punching die punching quantity many, need a large pressure and bad for stamping production, even without enough tonnage punch, there is a simple method, is to use different lengths of 2 ~ 4 batch of punch, when they are in the stamping punch movement of points, can effectively reduce the cutting force. In the curved surface has high position accuracy of holes, For example, the two holes on the side bending concentricity, etc. ) Car connector terminals, if the number of the first punching bending again is difficult to achieve required, must be designed inclined wedge structure, after bending and punching, using the horizontal punch movement can achieve a goal. For those more strict flanging, deep drawing height needs to be done trimming process, also can use the similar structural design.
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