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Automobile generator power supply system regularity of wiring terminals

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Automobile generator power supply system terminal connection rule of driving the car out the power failure, how to do? The following precision is introduced several kinds of common power failure emergency methods, teach you how to correctly judge the power system regularity of wiring terminals. 1. Near the terminal of domestic silicon rectifying generator are marked or name, '10' or '10 B' for 'the armature terminal, the terminal shall be connected to the ammeter or battery' ten 'extremely; 'F' to 'field' terminal, it connected to the regulators' magnetic fields' terminal; 'E' to 'take iron' terminal, should with the regulator 'take iron into the terminal. 2. The generator and battery in parallel, battery anode must take the iron. Battery positive electrode through the ammeter ( Or directly) The positive connection motor, storage battery still electromotive force in 11. 5 v ~ 13。 5 v, generator output voltage often is limited to 13. (between 8 v to 15 v 24 v battery is a 28 v ~ 30 v) 。 Generator is working normal voltage higher than the battery voltage is 0. 3 to 3. 5 v, this basically is to overcome line drop, make the battery when can enough, by not overcharge. 3. Using a regulator of the alternator outside the field coil by way of iron consists of two kinds: one kind is field coil inside the generator set iron directly, such as domestic dongfeng EQ1092BJ2020 automobile generator; Another field coil is no longer the generator internal iron, but by regulator of iron, such as the liberation of CA1092 auto alternator. Go out in the outside, remember judging correctly the connection rule of power system terminals can be temporary measures on its own emergency!
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