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Automotive covering parts mould and technology of China's three big progress

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
With the development of science and technology, China mold and die design and building technology is becoming more and more exquisite, in the area of automotive covering parts mould also had a breakthrough. Automotive covering parts mold production enterprises in recent years, technological progress is mainly manifested in the following several aspects: first, equipment level has greatly improved in recent years, the new enterprise or after technical renovation of old enterprises, without exception are a large number of purchasing the advanced numerical control equipment, these devices include three to five axis high-speed machine, large gantry machining center and CNC milling machine tools, advanced large measurement and debug equipment and multi-axis CNC laser cutting machine, etc. At present a lot of mold enterprise already had about 10 sets of large-scale numerical control equipment, some enterprise has more than 30 Taiwan; The industry about large numerical control processing equipment more than 400 units. Therefore, the production of automotive covering parts metal stamping mould level and ability compared with the past greatly improved. Before that, an enterprise is very difficult to complete the whole models of metal stamping die within a year, now some backbone enterprises have is fully capable of it. Individual companies through the industry collaboration can be done at the same time also have a year 4 ~ 5 complete mold ability. Not only that, most companies also many advanced software configuration. According to the current equipment level, already has a year to complete more than 20 domestic models the vehicle mold ability. Second, the design and processing technology were increased significantly in recent years, more and more enterprises using 3 d CAD, the application of some enterprises even reached one hundred percent. At the same time, the CAE technology is also widely used. Part of the technology are introduced from abroad CAE software, through secondary development, and application level has greatly improved; The other part is the domestic self-developed, with independent intellectual property rights, advanced CAE software, it also has been successfully used in the production process. Now application of CAE software mainly include: introduction of LS DYNA3D, DYNAFORM, PAMSTAMP, OPTRIS, AUTOFORM and domestic developed VFORM, KMAS, sheetForm and CADEM Ⅱ system, etc. CAE technology of large automotive covering parts mold development, the key techniques for now on the traditional analysis only for forming CAE software has achieved its upgrading, not only to participate in the whole process of stamping process, and in the universality and practicability, accuracy of the analysis of the content have significant progress. The product design and process analysis, improve the success rate of the mould drawing mould, shorten the mould manufacturing cycle, improve the quality of the mould has a significant role. Digital manufacture, reverse engineering, concurrent engineering, intelligent manufacturing, lean production, and other advanced technology have been applied to the production of automotive covering parts mould and produce the good effect. Although the CAPP has a lot to the difficulty of the widely used in the mold factory, but there is no lack of successful examples. Seldom used before the high-speed machining technology is now being widely used and have expanded the situation. A lot of experience in the design of the mould, standards and specifications, and integrated intelligent CAD/CAM technology system and the full range of automation, From the data to the product) Mold design and processing related software solutions have also started to be applied, and effectively improve the die mold quality and shorten the production cycle. Three, mould level has greatly improved because of the increase in equipment level and design processing technology and the improvement of personnel quality and application of some new technology in recent years, domestic automobile covering parts mould level also had the very big. International mold association secretary general luo hui think, the improvement of mold level are various, embodied in the whole process of mold production. The past can't production mold is now able to produce, it is the embodiment of the level. Now, including difficult overall lateral confining and fender, intermediate-grade cars all covering parts of mould has been able to produce in China. For joint venture foreign models of form a complete set of mold and some export mold, can also through the abroad ( Such as Japan, Germany) The company's standard acceptance. Some domestic backbone enterprises has achieved its transition from local components, low-standard cars to the vehicle parts, high-grade car mold production capacity. And form a complete set of automatic press continuous die and multi-station progressive die now also had higher levels of domestic products. Domestic high-end mould level with foreign gap is narrowing, high-grade car imports all mold phenomenon is gradually changing. In recent years, for automated production lines covering parts of the mold and the emergence of large multi-station automatic mold and the quality of the mould technology, etc. The progress of the comprehensive level and strength. Because the popularization and use of CAD/CAE technology accumulation, some domestic enterprises in DL figure is close to the foreign level design of stamping process analysis. Standardized structure type, standard parts, and the use of the structure and on the basis of the flexible processing, has made the mould structure and high degree of composite, structure layout is reasonable and reliable in use. Some units with the use of high-performance processing equipment and the CAM technology mature, also established the corresponding knowledge base, the main shaft head library, etc. , which can realize virtual machining to check interference. Some companies have been independently developed can avoid cutting mould, can completely prevent after the application of nc machine tool cutting. Precision machining, multi-axis linkage processing, Angle method, realized the mould manufacturing quality. Solid mold casting technology provides a better mold casting blank. Many varieties, high quality standard parts for mould standardization provides conditions, mold production cycle is shortened, but also reduces the cost. Headquarters in 2004, Volkswagen, Volkswagen China, faw-vw and Shanghai Volkswagen for China's mold supplier for market assessment, think faw mould manufacturing co. , LTD. , and other enterprises have been fully equipped for the Volkswagen group providing car cover mold ability, which fully shows the level of automotive covering parts mould in China in recent years.
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