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Automotive hardware stamping parts manufacturers, what are the principles of selection of stamping oil + 3 million punching next-day production capacity

by:Fortuna     2021-04-15
The technicians in charge of manufacturing automobile metal stamping parts manufacturers said that the processing technology of metal stamping parts is relatively complicated. In order to ensure that the performance of metal stamping parts can meet the requirements of use, it is necessary to follow the corresponding process requirements to ensure the feasibility of production. The following Xiaoshuo will share with you how to choose stamping oil:   1. Silicon steel plate: Silicon steel plate is a material that is relatively easy to punch. Generally, for the easy cleaning of the finished product, low viscosity is selected on the premise of preventing punching burrs. Punching oil.  2. Carbon steel plate: Carbon steel plate is mainly used for low-precision processing such as protective plates of some machinery and equipment, which requires low process requirements. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to when selecting stamping oil is the viscosity of the drawing oil. 3. Galvanized steel sheet: Galvanized steel sheet is a welded steel sheet with a hot-dip galvanized or electro-galvanized layer on the surface. Because it reacts chemically with chlorine-based additives, you should pay attention to the white rust of the chlorine-based stamping oil when selecting the stamping oil. problem. 4. Copper and aluminum alloy plates: Because copper and aluminum have good ductility, when selecting stamping oil, you can choose stamping oil that contains oily agents and good sliding properties. Avoid using chlorine-containing added stamping oil, otherwise the stamping oil will corrode Discoloration of the surface appears.  5. Stainless steel: Stainless steel is a material that is prone to work hardening. It is required to use drawing oil with high oil film strength and good sintering resistance. Generally, stamping oil containing sulfur and chlorine compound additives is used to ensure the stamping performance while avoiding problems such as burrs and cracks on the workpiece. Hardware, 15 years of focus on automotive metal stamping parts manufacturers, 20,000+ sets of customized stamping die production experience, monthly processing capacity of 100+ sets of molds, hundreds of precision processing production equipment, daily production capacity of 3 million punches, and silk-like stamping accuracy 0.01mm, the raw materials are imported and the original national standard factory, and 16 quality inspections are strictly controlled. It can quickly solve time-critical problems for you, solve stamping accuracy problems, and solve production quality problems. Choose, choose rest assured!
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