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Automotive stamping field

by:Fortuna     2021-02-15
In recent years, automotive stamping parts field, with the introduction of new models at home and abroad, and upgrading of the old models, and the continuous expansion of the vehicle and parts production, demand is also increasing. Therefore, around for new supply channels, with advanced technology and the stamping parts manufacturers in the world have cost competitiveness of national department of stamping parts manufacturers, all in strengthening their own career field, accelerate the construction of stamping parts production system. Due to the rapid development of domestic stamping die and obvious advances in technology, combined with domestic stamping mould price is low, so in recent years, some domestic joint venture brand car many stamping by foreign imports to become in the domestic procurement of the past. This trend not only was clear, and with the domestic enterprise production technology optimization, the advantages of domestic stamping industry in the international market will be further highlighted. Automotive stamping parts production is very important in automotive parts, such as truck body, frame, car and car body main body is made from steel plate stamping parts. According to statistics, made a normal car took an average of about 1500 stamping parts. With the international competitiveness of Chinese auto stamping industry gradually increases, some of the brands are abroad increasingly from our procurement stamping parts. A: on the introduction of metal stamping parts are widely used
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