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Automotive stamping parts inspection method

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Nowadays, the automobile standard parts market demand has entered the peak time, many manufacturers in order to better access to customers, all the energy on the beat price competition, and in order to win in price competition, willing to no narrowing of the bottom line of the product cost, this kind of marketing mode will be replaced by social development, even at that time, still can't walk for a long time, and can produce excess economic development for collaboration and reputational damage. Therefore, we should do well the quality of this, automotive stamping parts we must grasp the five testing way. 1. Touch detection with clean sand cloth to clean the surface of the outer cover parts. Inspectors shall wear the touch gloves along the longitudinal pressing close to touch on the surface of the stamping, this kind of detection method is that the inspector of work experience. Rong auto stamping parts to show that when necessary use abrasive polishing is to explore the abnormal area and various authentication, but this kind of way is not a practical way of rapid detection. 2. With oil test with clean sand cloth to clean the surface of the outer cover parts. With a clean soft brush down the same azimuth symmetry anointed with oil to all stamping outer surface. Finish paint oil pressing into the strong light detection, proposed put a stamping on the car body parts. By this method can be easily found tiny black spots on the stamping parts, flat pond, wavy lines. 3. Kong yarn grinding with clean sand soft cloth to clean the surface of the outer cover parts. With soft sand network close to the stamping surface along the longitudinal grinding to the surface of all, all black spots, stamping will be very easy to be found. 4. Sharpening stone grinding ( 1) Use clean sand cloth first clean the surface of the outer cover parts, then grinding with abrasive ( 20 * 20 x 100 mm or higher) , there arc region and can't touch with relative small abrasive polishing. ( 2) Abrasive particle size distribution of selected is the surface condition ( Such as surface roughness, hot dip galvanized, etc. ) 。 Glory to automobile stamping proposed using coarse grained whetstone. Oilstone grinding of bearing most along the longitudinal, and very good to cater to the surface of the stamping parts, part of the unique region will also be able to fill the polished sideways. 5. Checked looked at looking at the key to find stamping appearance abnormal and macroeconomic weaknesses.
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