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Basic knowledge of beryllium copper terminals

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Beryllium copper terminal is made of beryllium copper terminals, materials for high beryllium copper products, has the high hardness and good elasticity. The elastic coefficient of beryllium copper is one of the best copper. The mechanical properties of beryllium copper ( In addition to the material, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, hardness) , also depends on the corresponding organization after the heat treatment process. One, the characteristics of beryllium copper, beryllium copper with high strength and hardness, after aging heat treatment of tensile strength can reach 140 kg/m ㎡, rockwell hardness C45. Has a high electrical conductivity can achieve the highest 60% acs. Process performance is good, although the tensile strength of 120 kg/m ㎡, but elongation can be up to 9 - still 20%, bending 90 bending R/T ratio is 1. Particularly significant is the stress relaxation resistance and heat resistance, in 1000 hours are often exposed to high temperatures remained more than 85% of the initial stress. You can get different levels of beryllium copper alloy by heat treatment. Second, the heat treatment of beryllium copper, beryllium copper same heterogeneous principle of different heat treatment of steel, but rather, the solute atoms, rich integration theory in hardening. Alloy must have a high temperature and large temperature difference between the solubility of change. The solubility of high temperature after rapid cooling, bags in temperature, through the following process: concentration of partial poly GP ( I) → Solute atoms have a pavilion GP ( II) → Form a transitional phase & rarr; Form the equilibrium phase. At 315 ℃ Age hardening under 330 ℃ have the highest strength on all state. High temperature in shorter time to peak intensity, but the peak intensity is reduced. In the low temperature heating at a slower speed increase strength. The degree of cold work increases, the peak intensity of heat preservation time reduced. Three, beryllium copper terminal design: the design of mobile phone JACK products terminals, we chose high strength titanium copper, 5000 ABILI test, pull out put less than specification, selection of nickel and copper material, although has met the requirement of the electrical conductivity, however, the output and technology bending properties can not meet the requirements. Because ultimately chose beryllium copper terminals, beryllium copper YS/E ( Yield strength/young's coefficient) Greater than that of other copper coefficient, can obtain bigger changes and contact pressure. For now, some materials on the individual performance can close to beryllium copper, however, its comprehensive performance is still not and beryllium copper. In some instances, beryllium copper are difficult to replace. From the point of value engineering, namely to consider function, and to consider the cost, the ratio is bigger, the better. The debonding function less cost, also useless. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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