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Batteries shrapnel charger apart - - Second as mobile power supply

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Mobile power supply has electricity storage, but the charger just a medium. Here the author teaches you a magic weapon, how to put the batteries shrapnel charger and dismantling, second mobile power supply. As a type of charger, for example, its biggest characteristic is to change to charge a small box of mobile power supply, specific how to operate it, please have a look at: the positive shrapnel charger inside the plastic shell, physically to eliminate the battery reverse connect. Shrapnel convex point made multiple processes corresponding battery 5 and 7. Negative shrapnel, the strip is above 5 batteries shrapnel, short below is 7 batteries shrapnel. First: we enter the dismantling link, the charger shell is through the glue and two methods of ultrasonic welding, disassembly difficulty is not great. Tear tape, on the left is the USB output port, the right of the MicroUSB socket is input, and the input/output state is through the middle of the toggle switch for manual switch. We have a few screws to wring a PCB. Twist off the screw after the PCB can take out, both the front and a view. Upper and lower two pieces of PCB by row needles to connect conduction. Charging input and output discharge function using physical toggle switch manually. So easily, can let you battery shrapnel charger for mobile power supply upgrade, began to test!
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