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Batteries shrapnel manufacturer product size limit?

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Precision is a professional metal stamping manufacturer, batteries shrapnel. Company focused on computer, mobile phone, consumer electronics, automobile and other connector terminals. Shell of precision mold design, mold making, stamping and processing production. We can do metal stamping, batteries shrapnel baiting size precision in the plus or minus 0. In the plus or minus 0 01 mm, forming size. 03MM。 Choose our advantage: difficult product development: the technology leading industry, improving customer manufacturing capability, assist in developing and expanding product line. Mold opening period is short. Timely delivery, shorten new product development cycle, seizes the market. High efficiency: to improve the unit capacity. Save material: improve the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce the cost. As metal stamping, batteries shrapnel research and development and processing of precision high-speed progressive dies, precision has been performed [ Fast, exact and steady] Work commitment, in the 4 c industry terminals, connectors, iron shell, precision sheet metal parts, and other fields, has been wholeheartedly committed to day delivery of mould manufacturing technology and refined, beautiful, inexpensive, stamping parts and precision parts, deep tillage technology, to meet and exceed customer expectations.
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