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Big company combination patterns in precision metal stamping market

by:Fortuna     2021-02-13
Precision metal stamping market in China are mainly distributed in zhejiang, jiangsu, Shanghai, guangdong and shandong and other places, zhejiang and guangdong is the most prominent among them. Zhejiang yongkang have always known as 'the hometown of hardware', and zhejiang people quite a strong sense of the market operation and from the original hot pot products, stainless steel vacuum cup to scooter hit last year, brought them the bonanza. At present, China Daily hardware industry has entered the world. Now there are at least 70% of China's hardware industry for private enterprises, the main force of development for China's hardware industry. China gradually become the world's superpower metal processing and export power, and has become one of the great powers of world metals production, has vast potential market and consumption. Careful understanding, the development of China's hardware tool set tool roughly a trend. Start with hand tools market: hand tools demand in Germany. In Germany, comfortable and energy saving tools are most popular. Help to hold tools smooth handle and beautiful appearance are all important factors attract them the desire to buy. In terms of tool types, electric tool is now increasingly popular. In addition, cordless tools are also increasingly popular. Sold in the market now the new plug-in tool with multiple battery jack, can be used in all kinds of environment. Hand tools market demand stabilisation in the United States. The new house at the end of the housing market along with the increase of the scale, there are still a lot of house empty now, great housing renovation market opportunities. Motor vehicles average model and old more and more big, hand tools of automotive aftermarket sales has played a certain role in promoting. In addition, the demand for forging tools to electronic products distribution, especially the adjustable wrench. Hand tool industry adjust the product structure in Taiwan. Hand tools industry in Taiwan with stable product quality, punctual delivery, product variety is complete, can meet the needs of the customers, in the world has a certain advantage. And hand tools sales is given priority to with the overall market in Taiwan, the local manufacturers' 5000, distributed in central Taiwan, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. According to the investigation data shows, with individual hand tool product category, the sleeve for the export of commodities, followed by hand tools combination, the third for garden tools, wrench class fourth, fifth pliers. To export countries, the United States ranked first, followed by Britain, Germany and Japan, etc. Look at cutting tool market: cutting tool market demand will be growing all over the world. It is reported that tool rising market demand around the world. Including Europe, North America, stable growth, especially in the eastern European countries; Asian markets recovered slightly, market potential is very big, Latin America market growth obviously, especially in Mexico. ( Over the past year, the cutting tool demand growth in the market is slow, mainly because of increased tool life, then there is the user request, for the whole manufacturing process instead of many machine tools and cutting tools. Increased, and the application of multifunction knives, replaces many previous single-function simple tool. ) Experts predicted that: the future users will be more emphasis on factories on the research and development of cutting tool, is not only in the field of materials and surface coating technology, but also in terms of cutting tool product and its production process. The experts say, pay attention to the production practice, will help the cutting tool factory increase market competitiveness in the field of they are familiar with. Technology updates. Cutting tool product technology, gradually replace the HSS cutting tools, carbide cutting tools especially circular knives. Coated tools used more and more common in Europe, increasing the market share with new pattern cutting tool in high speed machining. Dynamic manufacturers. From the point of cutting tool manufacturers cooperation way, market will appear a lot of big companies in the field of high and new combination. The previous: metal stamping parts processing technical requirements
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