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Reasons Why You Should Choose A CNC Turning Company For Your Manufacturing Needs


Modern production relies on three pillars: speed, precision, and efficiency. When dealing with complicated components for several sectors, including aerospace and medical, the degree of quality or mediocrity is determined by the machining technique and manufacturer you choose. Regarding CNC services, Fortuna is prepared to make a splash.


Our professional staff and outstanding CNC machining capabilities allow us to deliver custom-made components created to stringent standards for your organization. Fortuna offers free estimates, so call +86 15916928704 or email us at ym@syjwj.com.cn now.


According to CNC turning company, CNC machining is more than simply a technique in the cutthroat industrial industry; it's a crucial difference. We have high standards for ourselves; therefore, we will not settle for anything less than what you have in mind. Our CNC machining solution may assist your firm in producing components of unparalleled quality and efficiency, regardless of whether you operate in the aerospace, medical, or automotive sectors.

Reasons For Choosing A CNC Turning Company

Reduced Errors

Thanks to our robotic machine tending, our CNC turning company has CNC machines that can run nonstop to fulfill your company's needs. For large-scale production, automation is essential for achieving precision and efficiency while eliminating room for human mistakes. You may be certain that the components will be manufactured according to your specifications.

Tailored Your Needs

You can tailor our CNC machines at Fortuna to meet your precise requirements. The unprecedented variety of sizes, shapes, and textures we can generate gives you more leeway in the creative process. Our team of professionals can customize our CNC turning, multi-axis machining, and CNC milling equipment to meet the needs of each project.

Complex Geometry Made Simple

When it comes to complicated and detailed shapes, no one does it better than the CNC machines made by many CNC turning company and firms. Because of its adaptability and efficiency, CNC machining is the method of choice for manufacturing items with tight tolerances, complicated designs, or unusual forms, shapes, or routes.

Unmatched Consistency

Accurate component replication is a hallmark of computer numerical control (CNC) machining. Our business experts at Fortuna oversee the calibration of equipment and working conditions to guarantee accuracy. Our CNC turning company has CNC services to ensure a consistent manufacturing run by carefully reproducing each component. This should be a major focus for companies that value dependability.

Increased Options With CNC Software

Code created in CAD and CAM allows our CNC machines to work. The CAM software converts the CAD-created models and assemblies into G-code and M-code so that the CNC machine may run its tools. You can easily and rapidly put your component ideas into action since the program has an improved capacity to adjust settings on the fly.

Swift Prototyping and Design Retention

These days, you can use CNC code to construct a prototype far faster than hiring a machinist to build the actual thing. Computer numerical control machining is the name given to this process. Depending on your company's requirements, you may see the prototype in two or three dimensions. Since our machines can remember the designs of prototypes, you may be certain that your components will remain consistent from one run of production to the next, which boosts productivity.

CNC Applications In Different Industries

Machined components that reliably conform to exacting requirements and maintain a high level of quality are indispensable in many industries. Countless companies rely on CNC turning company machining for all their metal manufacturing needs. One of them is:


Manufacturing production and assembly lines rely heavily on computer numerical control (CNC) machining. Many minor and large pieces, such as panels, levers, and plates, ensure the factory works well.


Aerospace components, such as turbine engines, are very sensitive to even the slightest deviation from the mark, making precision an absolute must in this field. For the air transport of people and products to be dependable and safe, precise components are required. Due to the availability of five-axis CNC machines capable of handling Inconel and other difficult-to-cut materials, CNC machining is preferred in the aerospace business.


Shafts, gears, pins, brackets, and countless more components are used by various autos. Computer numerical control (CNC) machining enables the production of big and tiny components essential to the assembly lines that produce specialty vehicles and military equipment.


Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is integral to the construction process. All the building materials, including wood, stone, nails, and screws, naturally contain it. In addition, it may be necessary for security reasons (as with textured railings) or the solution to an aesthetically beautiful architectural style (as with relief sculptures).


The motherboards, which house most computers' central processing units (CPUs), contain millions of little pieces that must function consistently and reliably. Computational numerical control (CNC) is the method of choice for machining intricate electrical device components such as many rows of metal slats, panels, small cables, and carved numerals.


Machines of all sizes use computer numerical control (CNC) machining. Several processes depend on CNC machining, although it is not solely responsible for building massive earthmoving equipment. Computer numerical control machining creates a wide array of hardware, from fasteners in a range of sizes and textures to crowbars in a variety of forms and garden spades with blade angles, to name a few.


Some guns, such as rifles, may require machine numerical control (CNC) machining. Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is used to manufacture many weapon parts, including pins, engraved parts, barrels, plates, triggers, ammo clips, and more. This method utilized by our CNC turning company excels in weapon dismantling.

Nowadays fortuna has 40 sets of 5-axis CNC machines and 2 sets of 6-axis CNC machines that imported from Japan. The processing diameter is from 1.0-32MM, the processing precision is 0.005MM, and it can process different materials. The monthly processing capacity of single product is 200,000 pieces. The current equipment utilization rate is 70%.Improve your product's quality and inventiveness with Fortuna. Our CNC machining services thrive for quality and last forever. Experience first-rate quality and fast turnaround times. Contact Fortuna right now!

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