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Body stamping cold rolled steel

by:Fortuna     2021-02-01
Current more cold rolled steel sheet is used in the mass production. The thickness of cold rolled steel sheet in 0. 15 ~ 3. Between the 2 mm, car body with 0. 6 ~ 0. 8 mm sheet. This kind of steel sheet dimension precision is very high, the surface is smooth, with good mechanical properties and processability, mainly used for automobile body side coaming, roof, hood, fender, trunk lid, covering parts, car door plank and dashboard thereof these parts require materials with high formability, good surface quality and welding performance. Due to China's steel production has a certain gap with foreign product quality, so the introduction of China's auto production brand car body parts material about half of the need to import. General using aluminium killed steel deep drawing steel sheet, now in order to adapt to the requirements of vehicle design and manufacturing process, in addition to continue to use aluminium killed steel, and development, the development of low yield point steel and super deep drawing steel sheet and other new varieties. Super deep drawing steel sheet ( The IF steel sheet) Has a low yield strength and high elongation, low showed, high plastic strain ratio ( R value) And high work hardening index ( The value of n) Wait for a characteristic.
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