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Briefly talk about the rotating body drawing stamping parts

by:Fortuna     2021-03-04
There are many types of stamping parts, including bending parts, various metal parts, and drawing parts. Today, let’s briefly talk about the characteristics of the rotating body drawing and stamping parts; the blank shape of the rotating body drawing parts is generally the same as the cross section of the deep drawing part. The contour shape is the same, that is, when the cross-sectional contour of the stretched part is round, square or rectangular, the corresponding blank shape should be round, square or rectangular respectively. In addition, the periphery of the blank should be smoothly transitioned, so that the side wall is obtained after stretching The height is the same or the flange width is the same; the rotating body stretches the stamping parts. For those that do not need to be thinned and stretched, although the thickness of the sheet becomes thicker and thinner during the stretching process, practice has proved that the average stretched parts The thickness is not much different from the thickness of the blank. Since the volume remains unchanged before and after the plastic deformation, the blank size can be determined according to the principle that the blank area is equal to the surface area of u200bu200bthe stretched part; the blank size of the simple rotating body stretched stamping part is determined, and the shape of the cross-sectional profile of the rotating body stretched part blank is circular , The calculation of the blank size is mainly to determine the blank diameter. For simple rotating body drawing stamping parts, the drawing part can be divided into several simple and easy to calculate geometric bodies, and the surface area of u200bu200beach simple geometric body can be calculated separately, and then the surface area of u200bu200beach simple geometric body can be summed to obtain the drawing part. The total area, and then according to the principle of equal surface area, the diameter of the blank can be calculated. Complicated rotating body drawing stamping parts refer to the more complex rotating body parts of the bus bar. The bus bar may be composed of a curve, or it may be composed of several straight line segments connected with arcs. The surface area of u200bu200bthe complex rotating body drawing stamping parts can be determined according to the length of time. The golden rule finds that the surface area of u200bu200bthe rotating body obtained by rotating a generatrix of any shape around the axis is equal to the product of the length of the generatrix and the circumference of the axis by rotating its centroid. Article recommendation: Process characteristics of the punching die in the stamping part die Previous post: A brief introduction to the compound die in the metal stamping part die
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