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Butterfly spring terminals

by:Fortuna     2021-02-02
Butterfly spring type terminal device of the new terminal, has been widely used in electrical and electronic engineering industry: lighting, elevator elevator control, instrumentation, power supply, such as chemical and auto power. Butterfly spring type terminal characteristics 1. Wiring in horizontal direction and vertical direction line for basic 2. Without a dovetail key closed type terminals can be used as end plate 3. According to user's request to take a combination of terminal pre-installed security plastic made flame retardant insulation material of modified nylon PA66 ( Flame retardant grade: UL94, V - 0) , the elastic element is made of high quality stainless steel manufacturing. Long service life, no corrosion, aging resistance, compression work 4 kv, temperature 105 ℃. Metal parts adopt high quality brass, phosphor copper, steel, respectively with tin plating, nickel, zinc and other protective layer. Reliability spring clamping reliable connection and not fall off. Due to the binding force with the wire thickness automatic adjustment, so that wire access reliable, is not affected by the installation technology. Therefore, spring type connector can at any time, any circumstances make the wire connection is reliable, resistance to vibration and free maintenance. Efficiency in the use of tools, without a plug, greatly reduce the time of the wiring work, when used to send connector of science and technology than the traditional way of connection efficiency more than 80%. Each product has mounted test hole, installation, testing, maintenance is convenient and can save more than 50% of the product assembly time. Application of elastic device of a new type of threaded connection, a wide range of line pressing line pressing the range is 0. Was 25 was to 16 in practice has a strong practicability. Can be concrete application in control, input/output and the field wiring, lighting system, instrumentation, communications equipment, power supply and other industrial products. Of course, want to choose the professional stamping manufacturer, high quality terminal blocks, will choose 30 years experience in stamping of dongguan precision stamping manufacturers.
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