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Button cell shrapnel stamping parts quality requirements

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Electronic stamping industry for button cell shrapnel stamping parts processing quality requirement is very strict. So we will strictly control the shape of the stamping size is first button cell shrapnel bending process requirements: 1. Bending shape should be symmetrical, must not be smaller than the minimum bending radius of the material allows the bending radius. 2. Curved short not easy forming, reason should be bend the edge of the straight part H> 2δ。 If the required H is very short, the need to set aside the appropriate to increase the allowance H, good bending after all increase of metal cutting. 3. The bending with hole, in order to avoid deformation of the hole. Second is the requirement of deep drawing parts: 4. Button cell shrapnel stamping appearance should be simple, symmetrical, depth shoulds not be too big. So that the drawing number, easy to take shape. 5. Button batteries shrapnel stamping radius under the condition of without any increase in process. Otherwise will increase the drawing number, also increases the mold number, and prone to waste and to improve the cost.
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