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Car fisheye terminal plating solderability

by:Fortuna     2021-02-10
Car is indispensable in the fisheye terminal plating after the inspection work, only by inspection qualified products to the next process to use. Usually the inspection items for: film thickness, adhesion, solderability, appearance, packaging, salt spray test. For product drawings have special requirements, porosity test ( 30U') Gold using nitric acid vapour method or other environmental test. Car fisheye terminal plating weldability and its test method is as follows: 1. Solderability of tin plating basic function and purpose, if you have after welding process requirements, bad welding is unacceptable. 2. The basic method of soldering test: 1) Direct immersion tin method: according to the drawings, directly on the parts of the solder dipping beg of flux, into the tin stove 235 degrees, after 5 seconds should be slowly take out with about 25 mm/S speed. 10 times out after cooling to room temperature in a microscope to determine: solder area should be greater than 95%, solder parts should be smooth, no welding, sealing off, the phenomenon such as pinhole is qualified. 2) Aging before welding, surface for some force has special requirements for products, samples should be used in welding test before the samples steam aging test machine to 8 or 16 hours of aging, to determine the product under the use environment of bad welding performance. In this paper, starting from the original, if reprint please indicate the source and the author
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