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Car metal stamping materials requirements and principles of is what?

by:Fortuna     2020-05-25
Automotive stamping is a kind of metal parts, some can be directly used in the car, some need to go through the corresponding process to become a car parts. The material of automotive stamping parts directly affects the service life of parts and quality. Next, introduce the material requirements and principles of automotive stamping parts. 1 a, automotive stamping parts material requirements. Understand the types of stamping parts and use characteristics in choosing a car before metal stamping parts of raw materials, we need to know the types and use characteristics of stamping parts. Only in this way, can according to the types of metal materials and use characteristics, select the appropriate metal materials, which can ensure the product quality, and can prolong the service life of automotive stamping parts, improve the efficiency of the use of raw materials. 2. Good production technology in addition to the type of automotive stamping parts and use characteristics to choose, to choose a good process performance, only in this way, stamping parts of the production to have good economic practicality. Stamping parts price and good production craft relatively moderate, it is easy to afford, unlike some production process of material price is too high, increase the cost of raw materials. 3. Meet the requirements of the process required when we choose automotive stamping parts raw materials, must understand the mechanical parts under the condition of using the mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, such as automotive stamping parts on the frame beam, the longitudinal beam and car use, these parts are basically support role, so should choose some good performance, strong carrying capacity of parts. Currently in the process of automotive stamping parts production, the application of cold stamping process the most, because it can meet the needs of The Times. Cold stamping material quality will directly decide the quality of the product performance, service life and cost. So we must keep in mind the selection requirements of automotive stamping parts and the principle, only in this way, can we make doing automotive stamping parts. Auto stamping parts are relatively light in weight, manufacturing product size precision, smooth, beautiful appearance, don't need to do too much of the surface treatment. Second, the choice of automotive stamping parts generally should follow the following principles: 1, selection of automotive stamping materials must meet the performance requirements for auto parts. 2, automotive stamping parts material to have better processability. 3, economy is good, can ensure the quality of material, save production cost related searches: stamping parts processing, metal stamping parts, brazing processing link: http://www. wuxilongshun。 com/
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