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Car metal stamping parts on the material performance requirements

by:Fortuna     2020-04-17
Detail 1, auto car parts on the material performance requirements of auto car parts shape is not too complicated, mostly USES the rolling forming technology, the material formability, stiffness, corrosion resistance and weldability has certain requirements, generally choose performance and good weldability of high strength steel plate, usually adopt strength level is 300 - 600 mpa high strength steel plate and ultrafine grain steel. 2, auto parts on the material performance requirements of automotive cab cab parts are mostly covering parts, complex shape, forming a complex, but not force, USES the mould forming process, the formability of materials has become the main contradiction, therefore require material formability, tensioning rigid, extensibility, pitting, corrosion resistance and weldability, etc. Auto metal stamping parts products design, usually based on plate parts stress distribution and the shape complexity to select the varieties of steel. General is made of tensile ductility can be excellent low carbon cold rolled steel, ultra-low carbon cold rolled steel sheet. In recent years, excellent formability and higher phosphorus cold-rolled steel plate, high strength GongTong degrees cold rolled steel, cold rolled dual phase steel sheet, bake hardening of ultra-low carbon steel cold-rolled steel, high strength steel plate cold rolled steel sheet and other types such as coatings, welding steel plates and TRIP steel plate, etc. , are a large number of applications in the car door panels, door panels, door reinforcement plate, roof cover, luggage cover plate and on the car body parts such as bumpers.
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