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Car terminal crimping size require explanation

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Car terminal crimping size requirements car terminal | connector terminal readers, believe you to bus terminal to have certain cognitive reading this article, this article will introduce the car terminal in some requirements and matters needing attention in the process of pressure, the car terminal without the proper pressure welding on the wire, will influence the performance of the connector. 1. Terminal crimping height is too small or too large first car terminal crimping height, and it refers to the wiring harness pressure welding area after pressure welding transverse section height, good cross sectional height can ensure the stability of through the rated current of the wiring harness, ensure the normal order of the performance. If too small, can reduce wire crimping area work under abnormal environment performance, lead to pressure wire core or the pressure of carrier; If too large, will cause the pressure gap between too much and such HuaXian core and terminal carrier does not have enough contact area between the metal. Solving way is very simple, adjust crimping machine crimping height, the pressure test for the first time with the cursor or micrometer check height within the rules, so that the car terminal and wire will meet together in the correct pressure. 2. The insulation of the motor terminal pressure welding area is too big or too small size and species diversity between the thickness of insulation materials, automotive connector terminals manufacturers generally do not take pressure height to provide to the customer. Wiring harness pressure if it is too small will make the wire core stress levels, reduce the stress release performance. The opposite of stress release performance. Here is the best way is to use the IDT technology to solve. 3. Mandarin loose the wiring harness of core are common factors in the process of pressure, it is actually very good solve, as long as the wire core to gather together into a bundle, then inserted into the need of pressure to car terminal, is ok. Together sometimes wire core will come out in the process, then you just need to put the terminal pressure welding on the wire. 4. Wire stripping length too short bus terminals in the process of pressure welding, wire stripping too short words will pressure after drawing force in substandard housing, terminal and wire is less direct contact area, cannot be hid harness, this time we need to increase the length of the wire stripping in order to achieve the car terminal value when crimping. 5. Pressure welding area wire core insert too deep too deep wire core insert length longer than the transition zone can lead to three failure factors. There are two of them because of the reduced wire core pressure zone, contact area, leading to rated current and wire drawing force is reduced, terminal and wire crimping range didn't so strong, and does not conduct electricity. The third is in the automotive connectors and terminal contact occurs. Too deep to terminal head touched the wiring harness, this will hinder the connector plug bending position incomplete or jack. This is called terminal connector collision. In special cases, even if the story of automobile terminal fully in place, will be out of the back shell. To solve this factor, use online core is inserted into the terminal pressure welding area need not too ambassador over the transition zone, or the length of the skin just stop at the transition zone. 6. Crimping terminal after bending pressure to set when the pressure is too large, lead to car terminal bend, this would allow the terminals in the shells, it is difficult to insert also improved the chances of terminal collision. It could be very good solve this problem. Just on the crimping machine will pressure value and is suitable for the numerical. 7. Pressure on this produces a very prominent problem, is the terminal transition zone damage, so be very careful in the process of debugging, crimping machine, wire harness, the location of the bus terminal is good to debug, in case of work appear in the unnecessary loss. Want to know more about the content of the bus terminal, can focus on precision automotive news section of the terminal of knowledge.
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