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Car terminal crimping two elements

by:Fortuna     2021-02-09
Car terminal crimping terminal two main factors about cars, do mechanics all know, the so-called wiring terminal by wire cutting of bare wire core insert stamping factory processing of automobile terminal pressure welding area, through the plug crimping machine and pressure, just like our home appliances of car, car terminal just need more larger professional process and pressure welding machine. Then we also should pay attention to when pressure welding, must first cognitive car terminal pressure welding of two elements: 1. Wiring harness, select the diameter of wire core meet the requirements of the terminal crimping stripping eligibility, such as transverse section height, length of the wire stripping, coating whether loss, end are bifurcate, pay attention to. 2. Terminal plating composition: according to the shape of the open and closed of the terminal, plating tin are used respectively, silver-plated, gold-plated, galvanized, etc. Every part of the car used by the terminal coating composition is likely to be different, each coating has a particular location. So if we need to pay special attention to when in terminal. In case of short circuit, display signal is not correct, such as oxidation corrosion occurs.
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